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LAND | TERRA music soundtrack

The past month has been busy, writing half a dozen pieces of original music for this Common Weal feature film...

Land | Terra ; A labour of Life: A Common Weal Feature Film

Land, energy, work, justice – these are all big issues in Scotland just now. But they are every bit as big an issue for Brazil. Common Weal's first feature film follows a project which brings together Scots and Brazilians fighting for fairness. Called Land:Terra and shot across Scotland and in São Paulo and Goiás in Brazil, this beautiful film shows that Scotland's struggles are part of the world's struggles.

SYNOPSIS: Following a group of international academics around rural Scotland and Brazil, as they engage with rural communities aiming to find sustainable alternatives to production methods in food and energy production in a time in history where big corporations are dominant and new technological frontiers are being reached through automation and mechanisation. Around the world, small rural producers and their communities are through the gaps of globalised capitalism, but at the same time, as experienced both in northern and remote Scotland and the vast and intense Brazil, communities have found alternative ways of ethical production, of subsistence and individual growth.

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